Your Hosts: Jon and  Eddy  Weiss








Irreverent. Unhinged. Angry. Exhausted. Funny.

All the ingredients are present on the road trips these two take across the United States and nobody is safe.

From restaurants to hotels, from truck stops to attractions, Jon and Eddy are on the road and ready to share their deepest thoughts, feelings and mental breakdowns with you!

This is US!

We are a father-son duo that travels the United States looking for adventures.  The best we ever have take place in the front seat or when we have stopped to take a leak somewhere.

Welcome to a ridiculous podcast about absolutely nothing and everything all at the same time.

Listen in as we pass the time and the miles complaining about everything, spouting ideas and theories, discussing politics and stupidity and arguing with each other.

"Traveling with my son has been good therapy for me.  In the late 90's I was addicted to the Hokey-Pokey but he has helped me turn myself around"
"I am hoping my dad and I can someday go to Holland.  I would love to travel to Holland, wooden shoe?"
"We met a time traveler in a buffet once. He went back four seconds!"
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